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Going without your Samsung Galaxy for just one day can cause all sorts of problems. However, accidents happen. A broken screen can prevent you from getting work done, or cause you to miss an important call. One thing is certain, if your Samsung Galaxy breaks, you don't have time to wait for a lengthy repair. At One Hour Device Repair, we specialize in Samsung Galaxy repair, and can have your phone back in your hands usually in less than an hour. Our low price guarantee means you never have to pay more than you should for a Samsung Galaxy repair. From data recovery to full screen replacement, our Redmond Samsung Galaxy repair experts can get you back on track in no time.

Guaranteed Fast and Affordable Redmond Samsung Galaxy Repair

  • Most Redmond Samsung Galaxy repair jobs can be cone in less than an hour, including broken screen replacement
  • It is considerably cheaper to replace broken glass on your Samsung Galaxy than to replace the entire LCD
  • Our Redmond Samsung Galaxy repair experts can recover lost data from non-repairable devices, including photos, videos, and important files
  • We offer a low-price guarantee on every Redmond Samsung Galaxy repair, and a lifetime guarantee on replacement parts
  • We are conveniently located, so get your Redmond Samsung Galaxy repair done while you wait

One Hour Device Repair is the Redmond resident's shop of choice for all Samsung Galaxy repairs. We keep parts for all major brand in-stock, so most jobs can be completed in the time it takes to eat lunch. With a low price guarantee and turnaround times of less than 30 minutes, we are simply the best choice for all Redmond Samsung Galaxy repairs.

Why Choose Us For Your Samsung Galaxy Repair?

  • Most Samsung Galaxy repairs can be done in less than 30 minutes
  • We guarantee the best price
  • Labor and parts are also guaranteed
  • Our shop is conveniently located in Redmond
  • We include a free diagnostic and battery check with every repair job
  • We keep parts for all major brands in stock

Drop in today and speak with one of our Redmond Samsung Galaxy repair experts.
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Redmond Tidbits

Redmond is located in King County in a fertile basin that was once created by ancient glaciers that covered the majority of King County. The Sammamish Valley provided food and shelter to the Native Indians long before the first fur trappers arrived and discovered that salmon were once so abundant in the Sammamish River that they named this settlement Salmonberg.

One of the primary activities for these early pioneers was to clear the extremely large parcels of towering trees once they had arrived in the region and began to homestead it. The next thing that was done was that the loggers constructed shingle and lumber mills. Their payrolls were so significant that they created a demand for products and services. The Seattle Lake Shore and Eastern Railway arrived in the settlement in 1888, and the marketability of the timber in the region was assured.

In 1910 there were three hotels in Redmond. From 1899 through 1900, the Hotel Redmond was constructed on the south side of the Northern Pacific Railroad tracks. In 1903, a lodging house on Leary Way was constructed where the current location of Gerk's Ski and Cycle shop is today, and the largest of the three, the Hotel Walther was constructed built in 1889 as the Valley Hotel and remodeled and expanded between 1903 and 1906. In 1889, the Hotel Walther was co9nstructed on Gilman Street, offered a saloon, and was three stories tall.

Compared to other settlements around it, in 1910, Redmond was still rather small. It featured false front wooden buildings, wooden sidewalks, and had dirt streets. The community ended immediately prior to the stone house, looking west from Leary Way on Cleveland from Leary Way, and Cleveland ended at 164th Ave NE looking East from that same location. There was a large tree in what would be the center of what is currently known as Cleveland today.

A prominent businessman and banker from Seattle named James Clise visited the region and apparently liked what he saw about this same time period. Mr. Clise constructed an elegant summer home for himself and his family after purchasing 78 acres of land just south of the community. The Clise family enjoyed their summer home so much that they relocated out of their mansion that was located in Seattle to their new home, which they named Willowmoor.

Mr. Clise converted the surrounding property into a profitable farm as he and his family expanded the lodge into a Tudor mansion that featured 28-rooms. Some time later, his wife, named Anna, would play a valuable role in the establishment of the Children's Orthopedic Hospital in Seattle. Willowmoor played host to several benefits were for the more wealthy residents to donate money foe some worthy cause and just to get away from it all. The mansion later came to be the home of the Marymoor Museum of Eastside History. However the King County Department of Parks and Recreation took it over for use as a facility for events in 2003.

The population of Redmond was 299 people in 1912, and the residents voted to incorporate. A Judge named William White, who married the daughter of Luke McRedmond named Emma and had constructed a fine hotel in Redmond, opposed the incorporation, and reported that the community didn't have the 300 residents as required by law. The year 1912 brought the incorporation of Redmond as a town after it was learned that a baby boy had been born a few weeks earlier and wasn't yet been listed on the rolls.

Redmond acquired most of the amenities required by small town life, such as paved roads, telephone service shops, a brick schoolhouse, a service garage, and churches. On the ferry landing in Kirkland, stage service, which also included an open-air sightseeing bus, was established.

Redmond suffered and persevered much the same as many other small communities in the country during the Great Depression of the 1930's. The Redmond Bike Derby is one of the legacies of that period in time that survives to this day. It was originally intended as a fundraiser for school athletic equipment and Christmas decorations. It remains the oldest bicycle race in the country. The signs that lead into Redmond still ascribe the community as the Bicycle Capital of the Northwest.

The adjoining communities of Bellevue and Kirkland blossomed once bridges were constructed over Lake Washington during the last half of the 1900's. In the meantime, Redmond grew steadily but quietly and would experience its own massive growth in the early 2000's.

The Microsoft Corporation started taking flight in 1985. In 1975, two men named Paul Allen and Bill Gates founded the company, which had outgrown its offices in Bellevue and was looking for a place to develop its corporate campus. Mr. Allen and Mr. Gates selected Redmond as their headquarters. Microsoft controlled approximately 355 acres of land in Redmond by 2004. A plan for the company to acquire an additional 20 acres by purchasing the corporate headquarters of the financially troubled Eddie Bauer clothing retailer was announced by the company later that same year. Most people have probably heard of Redmond if they use or own a computer anywhere in the world. That is a considerable change for a little settlement that was once known as Salmonburg.

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