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Going without your Samsung Galaxy for just one day can cause all sorts of problems. However, accidents happen. A broken screen can prevent you from getting work done, or cause you to miss an important call. One thing is certain, if your Samsung Galaxy breaks, you don't have time to wait for a lengthy repair. At One Hour Device Repair, we specialize in Samsung Galaxy repair, and can have your phone back in your hands usually in less than an hour. Our low price guarantee means you never have to pay more than you should for a Samsung Galaxy repair. From data recovery to full screen replacement, our Bothell Samsung Galaxy repair experts can get you back on track in no time.

Guaranteed Fast and Affordable Bothell Samsung Galaxy Repair

  • Most Bothell Samsung Galaxy repair jobs can be cone in less than an hour, including broken screen replacement
  • It is considerably cheaper to replace broken glass on your Samsung Galaxy than to replace the entire LCD
  • Our Bothell Samsung Galaxy repair experts can recover lost data from non-repairable devices, including photos, videos, and important files
  • We offer a low-price guarantee on every Bothell Samsung Galaxy repair, and a lifetime guarantee on replacement parts
  • We are conveniently located, so get your Bothell Samsung Galaxy repair done while you wait

One Hour Device Repair is the Bothell resident's shop of choice for all Samsung Galaxy repairs. We keep parts for all major brand in-stock, so most jobs can be completed in the time it takes to eat lunch. With a low price guarantee and turnaround times of less than 30 minutes, we are simply the best choice for all Bothell Samsung Galaxy repairs.

Why Choose Us For Your Samsung Galaxy Repair?

  • Most Samsung Galaxy repairs can be done in less than 30 minutes
  • We guarantee the best price
  • Labor and parts are also guaranteed
  • Our shop is conveniently located in Bothell
  • We include a free diagnostic and battery check with every repair job
  • We keep parts for all major brands in stock

Drop in today and speak with one of our Bothell Samsung Galaxy repair experts.
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Bothell Tidbits

Farmers were transporting their produce down the Sammamish River in boats to Seattle as early as 1867. Some scows and rowboats were capable of carrying two tons of goods and were 50 feet or more in length. Under human power, it might take 10 days to make the round trip from Issaquah to Seattle. the 44-foot steamer Minnie Mae started serving lake Washington communities, including Bothell from Union Bay, close to what is currently known as the University of Washington, in Seattle starting in 1874.

Even after the railroad arrived, water transportation was important to the community. Whenever the water was sufficiently high, it was possible to travel to Seattle from Issaquah by barge, rowboat, or steamboat. A steamboat trip to Issaquah from the Madrona neighborhood in Seattle took 14 hours, with a meal stop in Bothell. Water was the primary mode of transportation to move logs to mills as far away as Seattle next to Lake Washington. In order to get by logs that were blocking the channel, passengers were sometimes ere asked to move to one end of a boat and then the other.

In order to control flooding, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers channeled the Sammamish River deeper and straightened it out during the 1910's. In 1917, when the level of Lake Washington dropped approximately nine feet with the opening of the Lake Washington Ship Canal, the river was no longer a factor in transportation.

With some help in the Legislature from a man named Gerhard Ericksen, a highway was constructed from Seattle through Kenmore and Lake City to Everett and Bothell in 1913. Four miles of the road between Bothell and Kenmore were surfaced with brick. Mr. Ericksen was an advocate for good roads in the state of Washington. In order to eradicate prickly plants from the side of the roads where motorists might have to relieve themselves in the dark, he thoughtfully sponsored the Thistle Bill. The Mayor of Bothell was a man named S. Woody and that same month, he was arrested the 12 mph speed limit on the bridge across the river. The mayor argued in court that there wasn't any instrumentation to document his speed accurately. Although the mayor was warned by the judge to observe the speed limit, the case was dismissed.

From 1913 on, the culture and the economy in Bothell was determined by the automobile and the improved by they highways. The railroad competed with the motor stages in order to carry passengers. Most of the logging operations started decreasing and, during the 1910's, the lumber and shake mills shut down during the 1910's.

The economy of the community changed from logging to agriculture as the produce was being transported to Seattle by truck rather than by railcar. The population of Bothell remained at approximately 600 people from 1900 through 1920. From 1930 to 1940 the population increased to approximately 800 people.

Following WW II, the automobile as well as improved permitted people to live in Bothell and adjoining suburbs and work in Bellevue, Seattle, or Everett. Beginning with Stringtown on the road to Woodenvuille, housing developments were being constructed all over Bothell. The population of Bothell had increased to approximately 1,000 people by 1950. Over the next 50 years, the city would extend its boundaries and the population would jump to more than 25,000.The completion of Interstate-5 and Interstate-405 accelerated the shift from farming center to suburb. As the Puget Sound economy grew in the l980s, more jobs evolved in Bothell, making it an employment base again.

The year 1909 brought the incorporation of Bothell as a fourth class city. The first mayor of third new community was the son of Mr. Bothell whose name was George. The first bank opened in 1908. A disastrous fire destroyed ten businesses and a considerable amount of property. As a result, the City Council imposed fire coded for new construction buildings and organized a volunteer fire department. In 1916, a motorized fire cart arrived, which was available to fight fires in Bothell as well as in neighboring communities.

A criminal managed to escape from the Oregon State Penitentiary named Harry Tracy in 1902. In a crime spree, Mr. Tracy killed six men in the Northwest, which included a deputy Sheriff close to Bothell. In 1911, when a Seattle Police Officer named W. Smith was appointed town marshal, the newspaper reported that there wouldn't be speeding across the bridge or running of stock at large, or any kind of lawlessness.

In 1973, there was a change in the City Charter that placed a city manager in charge of running the community. Up until then, the mayor ran the city government. From then on, the mayor was elected by other at-large City Council members and the City Council hired the city manager. By annexing various adjoining areas, Bothell grew slowly over the years. By annexing Canyon Park in the north, which included part of Snohomish County, the population pf Bothell had doubled in size by 1992. Bothell came to be the third largest employment center in Snohomish County, which underscored the shift back to a place where people both worked and lived. Foe a while during the 1990's, jobs grew faster than the population.

The University of Washington opened one of its branch campuses at the Canyon Park office development in Bothell in 1990. In 2000, along with the new Cascadia Community College, the branch relocated into a $300 million permanent facility. The old Richard Truly farm was taken over by the campus.

After 1901, the Northern Pacific Railroad operated the passenger service and the Passenger traffic decreased, and in 1938 ceased running. In 1971, coal mining and the railroad line was abandoned after Freight traffic had also declined and became the Burke Gilman Trail for hikers and cyclists.

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