Sammamish Cell Phone Repair

Did you drop your cell phone and break the screen, or did it simply stop working and you're wondering if there's any chance it can be repaired? One Hour Device Repair specializes in Sammamish cell phone repair, and we can complete most jobs in an hour or less. You don't need an appointment, and we guarantee the best price on all Sammamish cell phone repair jobs, including iPads, iPhones, Samsung, and many other devices.

Sammamish Cell Phone Repair - Quick, Easy, and Affordable

  • Our Sammamish cell phone repair specialists can replace your broken screen and get your cell phone back in prime condition
  • Often, only the cell phone glass needs to be replaced, which is way cheaper than replacing an entire LCD
  • All of our Sammamish cell phone repair jobs include a lifetime warranty on all replacement parts and installation
  • We also guarantee the best price on all cell phone repair jobs, including screen replacement
  • Even if your cell phone is beyond repair, we can usually recover data from the device, including your precious photos and important files

Almost everyone has had to deal with a broken cell phone at least once. Dropping your cell phone or iPad can cause the screen to break, or worse. The good news is that most cell phones and devices can be repaired by our Sammamish cell phone repair experts. Best of all, we guarantee the lowest price and can usually have the repair done in an hour or less.

Like most people, going without your phone for even a day is not an option. So give the Sammamish cell phone repair professionals at One Hour Device Repair a chance to get you reconnected.

Our Sammamish Cell Phone Repair Experts Offer These Services

  • iPhone Repair
  • iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini Repair
  • Samsung Galaxy, Galaxy Note, & Tab Cell Phone Repair
  • Motorola Moto X, Moto G, Nexus 6
  • HTC One M7, M8 & HTC Windows 8x Cell Phone Repair
  • Sony Xperia
  • Microsoft Lumia & Nokia Cell Phone Repair
  • LG Repair including Nexus 5
  • OnePlus One Repair
  • Jailbreaking
  • Charger Port Repair
  • Data Recovery and Transfer
  • Service for all brands of phone and smartphones including Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S4/S5/S6, Samsung Galaxy Note 2/3/4/5, LG Nexus 4 & 5, LG Optimus G2,G3, G4, GPro, OnePlus, Blackberry, and Apple iPhone and iPad.
  • We not only repair LCDs, we also fix most parts such power buttons, ear speakers, loudspeakers, soft keys, home button, charging ports, usb ports, sim card trays, both front and rear facing camera, mic, and a variety of other smaller parts and repairs. Call us if you don’t see your repair listed.

Stop in today and get a price quote from a qualified cell phone repair expert.
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Sammamish Tidbits

Prior to their being a Sammamish as we know it, there was another Sammamish. This Sammamish was established slowly on Weber point, at approximately 1900. Actually, it was more a part of the Inglewood community than a separate community. However, the majority of its 50 residents who lived there during the 1910's considered themselves to be residents of Sammamish. The settlement had an office, two operating shingle mills, a company store, a cookhouse, a building/bunkhouse, and stop on the railroad line.

The Lake Sammamish Lumber and Shingle Company was the first shingle mill, which started operating around the middle of 1992, and got off tom a great start. This shingle mill produced over seven million shingles in1893. Before it burned down, it operated for many years. A man named Joseph Weber rebuilt the mill and changed the name to the Lake Sammamish Shingle Company. Although, by 1907 Mr. Weber had constructed another mill that was somewhat further farther inland, which was the first mill was located at the tip of Weber Point. These mills flourished through most of the 1910's.

Shortly after 1915, the first mill closed. However, the second mill carried on thought the 1920's. However, their days were numbered. The majority of the trees close to the eastern shore of Lake Sammamish had been logged by the 1930's. Logging operations were relocated further east, to Beaver Lake and beyond. The effects of the Great Depression worked to slow the mill. In 1930, Mr. Weber closed his company and later that same decade he sold his property and relocated back Seattle. During the 1930's, many of the residents of the region had also relocated, and by the 1904's, the first Sammamish was gone.

A man named John Tanska purchased some 40 acres in the southwestern shore of Pine Lake in southern Sammamish. Mr. Tanska spent several years clearing the land. By 1918, on the southern half of his acreage, he developed a small auto camp. The camp wasn't anything more than a field where people could pitch their tents and enjoy the great outdoors. However, Mr. Tanska also took over ten cabins that had been left over from an earlier logging operation and rented those out to visitors.

The Pine Lake Resort was an easy boat ride form the Tanska Auto Camp and located on the eastern shore of Pine Lake. but by 1907 Weber had built another mill somewhat further farther inland. In 1917, this 18-acre resort opened and offered five small cabins. However, until the late 1030's, the resort but languished and then a man named Reiff French purchased it and expanded considerably. He renamed the resort French's LaPine Resort, although t the name didn't catch on. To some it was Frenchy's and to others is was just the Pine Lake Resort. Eventually, Mr. French constructed 1a dance hall, complete with his favorite square dancers, a small grocery store and 15 additions.

Around 1936, on Beaver Lake, the Four Seasons Resort opened. Owners Gus and Lulu Bartel had a dance hall, a small lodge, and 15 cabins built on the property. Musician Quincy Jones, who lived in Seattle at the time, played for at least one dance there, around 1949. In 1950, Man named Dick Anderson and his wife, named Ruth purchased the 85-acre resort and changed its name to Andy's Beaver Lake Resort. It was in operation through the 1960 summer season, and then they sold the land to the CYO (Catholic Youth Organization). The CYO operated a youth camp until 1985, when King County purchased the land. It is currently known as Beaver Lake Park.

In 1984, the population of the Plateau was more than 10,000, although that would triple during the next 15 years. The first shopping center in Sammamish was the Sammamish Highlands Shopping Center, which opened early in 1985, at Northeast 8th Street and 228th Avenue Northeast. In 1989, another shopping center, known as Pine Lake Village, opened several miles to the south. However, throughout the 1980's, the residents became increasingly concerned with the rapid urbanization and many of them simply relocated to the suburbs.

In those days, the region that came to be known as Sammamish was unincorporated King County. Residents south of Southeast 8th had Issaquah phone numbers and zip codes and felt connected to Issaquah. Residents located on the northern end of the plateau, north of Southeast 8th Street informally considered themselves part of Redmond, and their homes had Redmond phone numbers and zip codes. Annexation was considered the first step to be determined. Local voters rejected a proposal to annex the southern half of the plateau to Issaquah in 1991. That same year Redmond included the northern half of the plateau in a long-range annexation plan, although, this was hotly contested and eventually, the idea was abandoned.

The first attempt for incorporation of Sammamish was rejected in 1992. Because the defeat was so overwhelming, the drive to incorporate cooled. This only lasted a few years. Although the residents weren't interested in annexing with Issaquah or Redmond, they still felt neglected by King County. Finally, the year 1998 brought the incorporation of Sammamish.

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