Bothell Cell Phone Repair

Did you drop your cell phone and break the screen, or did it simply stop working and you're wondering if there's any chance it can be repaired? One Hour Device Repair specializes in Bothell cell phone repair, and we can complete most jobs in an hour or less. You don't need an appointment, and we guarantee the best price on all Bothell cell phone repair jobs, including iPads, iPhones, Samsung, and many other devices.

Bothell Cell Phone Repair - Quick, Easy, and Affordable

  • Our Bothell cell phone repair specialists can replace your broken screen and get your cell phone back in prime condition
  • Often, only the cell phone glass needs to be replaced, which is way cheaper than replacing an entire LCD
  • All of our Bothell cell phone repair jobs include a lifetime warranty on all replacement parts and installation
  • We also guarantee the best price on all cell phone repair jobs, including screen replacement
  • Even if your cell phone is beyond repair, we can usually recover data from the device, including your precious photos and important files

Almost everyone has had to deal with a broken cell phone at least once. Dropping your cell phone or iPad can cause the screen to break, or worse. The good news is that most cell phones and devices can be repaired by our Bothell cell phone repair experts. Best of all, we guarantee the lowest price and can usually have the repair done in an hour or less.

Like most people, going without your phone for even a day is not an option. So give the Bothell cell phone repair professionals at One Hour Device Repair a chance to get you reconnected.

Our Bothell Cell Phone Repair Experts Offer These Services

  • iPhone Repair
  • iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini Repair
  • Samsung Galaxy, Galaxy Note, & Tab Cell Phone Repair
  • Motorola Moto X, Moto G, Nexus 6
  • HTC One M7, M8 & HTC Windows 8x Cell Phone Repair
  • Sony Xperia
  • Microsoft Lumia & Nokia Cell Phone Repair
  • LG Repair including Nexus 5
  • OnePlus One Repair
  • Jailbreaking
  • Charger Port Repair
  • Data Recovery and Transfer
  • Service for all brands of phone and smartphones including Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S4/S5/S6, Samsung Galaxy Note 2/3/4/5, LG Nexus 4 & 5, LG Optimus G2,G3, G4, GPro, OnePlus, Blackberry, and Apple iPhone and iPad.
  • We not only repair LCDs, we also fix most parts such power buttons, ear speakers, loudspeakers, soft keys, home button, charging ports, usb ports, sim card trays, both front and rear facing camera, mic, and a variety of other smaller parts and repairs. Call us if you don’t see your repair listed.

Stop in today and get a price quote from a qualified cell phone repair expert.
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Bothell Tidbits

Bothell, Washington is included in the Everett, Bellevue, Seattle metropolitan area. Bothell is located 12 miles northeast of Seattle and six miles east of Shoreline, Washington in King County.

The Sammamish River Valley between Issaquah Creek south and Lake Washington and located upstream of Lake Sammamish was populated by as many as 200 native Indians, who were known as the Sammamish people, before the European settlement. Following the Puget Sound War of 1854, the Sammamish people were moved to non-reservations and reservation lands.

The original inhabitants of this area were Native Indians who were known as the Sammamish people. In 1856, they were forced to move to reservations by the Puget Sound War. In 1870 two men, named George E Wilson and Columbus S. Greenleaf arrived in the area and began establishing settlements. Eventually, a sawmill, a school, and a store were established in this region. In 1885, one of the pioneers who lived in the area, named George Brackett, sold 80 acres of property to a man named David Bothell. Mr. Bothell sold some of his property to the first postmaster on the settlement, who, in turn, decided to name the settlement after Mr. Bothell. In 1888, a local railroad was built through the settlement for the transportation of coal from Issaquah. Up until the early 1900's, the primary industry in the settlement was logging. The year 1909 brought the incorporation of Bothell.

Mr. Wilson and Mr. Greenleaf filed land claims on the areas that were abandoned by the Sammamish people, close to what is currently known as Bothell in 1870. They constructed their homes there and during the next six years, eight families followed. A Canadian named George Brackett purchased property and started logging out of a camp that was located on the northern bank of the Sammamish River in what is currently known as the center of downtown Bothell in 1876.

As water transportation brought ever increasing amounts of passengers and goods up and down the river and logging continued to expand, Bothell continued to grow. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers elected to straighten and dredge the river in the years shortly after Bothell was incorporated, as an ever increasing number of people relocated into the region. However, in 1917, Lake Washington was lowered significantly, and the majority of the boat traffic came to an abrupt. Once the road was paved from Seattle, water transportation was also changed to trucks. Around this same time period, the logging economy declined rapidly and the local economy changed to farming.

Suburban development was brought to Bothell following WW II, as the result of the post war boom as well as better highways. Between 1950 and 2006, the population of Bothell increased to 30,000 people from 1,000 people, as the result of a series of annexations and these new neighborhoods. Until the 1990's when business development created new jobs that developed a regional employment center with approximately 20,000 new jobs, many of which were in high-tech sectors that included software development and biotechnology, Bothell was primarily a bedroom community for people who worked in Seattle. In 2000, a branch campus of the University of Washington, which is co-located with Cascadia Community College, opened in Bothell.

In 2013, the population of Bothell was 35,576 people, which represents an 18% increase in population since 2000. There are 17,468, or 49.1% of the population, are males in Bothell, as compared to 18,108, or 50.9% of the population, who are females. The median age of a resident in Bothell in 40.2 years old, as compared to the median age of a resident of Washington State of 37.4 years old.

In 2013, the approximate median income per household in Bothell was $74,793, as compared to $59,264 in 2000, and as compared to $58,405 in Washington State. In 2013, the approximate income per capita was $38,692, as compared to $26483 in 2000.

In 2013, the approximate value of a condominium or house on Bothell was $342,698, as compared to $209,600 in 2000. In 2013, the mean cost of vans, RVs, and boats was $142,404, of mobile homes was $90,787, of structures having five or more units was $275,329, of structures having three to four units was $225,110, of structures having two units was $393,970, of townhomes was $328,773, of detached homes was $489,606, and of all housing units was $448,041. In 2013, the median gross rent was $1,368.

In 2013, 25,473 or 71.9% of the population of Bothell was white, 4,607, or 13.0% of the population was Asian. 3,226, or 9.1% of the population was Hispanic, 1,360, or 3.8% of the population was at least two races, 238, or 0.7% of the population was Black, 231, or 0.7% of the population was American Indian, 126, or 0.4% of the population was Pacific Islanders or Native Hawaiian, and 58, or 0.2% of the population were of other races.

These days, Bothell is a wonderful place to live, work, play, and raise a family. The community is proud of its rich history and bright future.

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